Monday, April 14, 2014

Ramen Bari-Uma at United Square

Ramen Bari-Uma

A couple of things registered about Ramen Bari-Uma. First of which was the tonkotsu shoyu broth which I didn't dislike but couldn't quite form an opinion on. The second was their flame scorched charshu which I remember enjoying. We came by their second outlet (#B1-08 United Square, 101 Thomson Road, tel : +65 6354 3711) at United Square for a quick dinner.

Their Charshu-Uma bowl featured pork that was both tender and crumbly with lattices of soft fat that barely held the slices together. It didn't look as impressive as the picture on the menu (I know...) nor taste as good as the first time round.

What also got my attention this time round were the noodles. It's a little softer than I like. I'm still searching for that properly done harigane texture.

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