Saturday, April 05, 2014

Kazu has updated

Kazu Sumiyaki, Cuppage

Kazu has changed. Well, visibly so since it hadn't changed very much from the first time I had visited. The place is looking a little more sleek these days with a very visible varnished wooden counter hewn from a single cross section of some tree. That came accompanied with elevated stools to match, replacing the old setup. Cabbage is no longer free and the main grill seems to have gotten an upgrade as well. There're now black curtains along the windows and Asahi Kuronama on tap to match. Yay for the last part!

Well, the menu has changed some. The almost always available ankimo is noticeably missing from the menu along with the Brussels sprouts with cheese that we had from the last visit that I was really looking forward to. The majority of the staples remain and rightly so since those are the consistently good items that has kept us coming back. The tori hatsu and lamb chops are still awesome.

And I've pretty much said all there is to say about the food save for the occasional seasonal item and perhaps, a new thing which I haven't tried previously like the soy braised fish innards which consisted of fish intestines and stomach. That was really good and would make the perfect pairing with rice. Enjoyed their salted chocolate ice cream too. The only thing that we would give a pass on the next time is probably those bacon wrapped lobsters. There's too little of the lobster to really tell and most of the smoky salted flavor came from the bacon anyway.

Kazu Sumiyaki, aosa tofu uni
home made aosa tofu with aburi-ed uni

Kazu Sumiyaki, tomato

Kazu Sumiyaki, lamb chops
lamb chops

Kazu Sumiyaki, fish innards
fish innards stewed in soy broth

Kazu Sumiyaki, hotaru ika
hotaru ika with asparagus

Kazu Sumiyaki, kushiyaki
lobster in bacon/oyster in bacon

Kazu Sumiyaki, scallops prawns
scallops and prawn

Kazu Sumiyaki, kushiyaki
tori hatsu and zucchini with cheese and minced chicken

Kazu Sumiyaki, kushiyaki
Australian wagyu gyutan and tontoro ringo

Kazu Sumiyaki, foe gras

Kazu Sumiyaki, sweet potato
sweet potato

Kazu Sumiyaki, sweet potato
glistening sweet potato porn

Kazu Sumiyaki, salted chocolate ice cream
salted chocolate ice cream

Kazu Sumiyaki, salted chocolate ice cream
salted, bitter and not too sweet

Kazu Sumiyaki, Cuppage

Kazu Sumiyaki, Cuppage


M. said...

has the prices updated too? :P

LiquidShaDow said...
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LiquidShaDow said...

For most of the part, not so much. However, prices of some of the items are more flexible. It just says seasonal. Their lamb chops have become smaller, so......

Jan Jee said...

Hi LiquidShaDow,

I enjoy reading your blog.
Can I have your email address for future contact please?