Sunday, August 04, 2019

goo Italiano, North Canal Road

A Japanese Italian restaurant, goo Italiano from Tokyo (#01-01 35 North Canal Road, tel  : +65 6226 1182) has newly opened up south side. Food was pretty good.

On the menu was burrata with diced strawberries and San Marzano tomatoes. Pretty refreshing and was quite delicious with balsamic vinegar.

goo Italiano also featured their rendition of focaccia di Recco - a bread whose make and name is protected by European law ensuring that it can only be called so if it came from Recco, a town in Liguria. Just like champagne can only come from Champagne.

There were a few options for toppings; this one had mushrooms. The insides of the bread was stuffed with cheese. Delicious, especially when doused with extra EVOO.

We had a spaghettone with clams and bottarga.  The pasta was competently done with an umami punch from the cured roe, aroma from minced garlic and meaty clams. Portions were kinda small. By the way, those slices of brown stuff were also bottarga and not garlic. 

The other pasta on menu which deserved mention was their spaghettone with lemon cream. Pretty impressed by the velvety rich lemon sauce that coated the noodles. Nice.

Ended with a dessert of panna cotta with strawberry compote and Banda Rossa balsamic vinegar. Also nice.

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