Thursday, August 29, 2019

Mrs Pho, Vivocity

Mrs Pho, beef starfruit salad

I hadn't realized that Mrs Pho had an outlet at Vivocity (#01-171, 1 Harbourfront Walk) until recently so we were here to give the food a try since we kinda liked what we had from the original shop at Beach Road.

Mrs Pho, bun moc

I liked their beef and starfruit salad which was tangy and refreshing with saltiness from the fish sauce. That was on top of the combination of textures and other flavours which included those prawn crackers you could eat them with. I did enjoy their rendition of bún mọc which featured a clear light tasting broth, sliced pork and something they called 'Mamma's chicken ham' that tasted exactly like the meatballs the noodles came with. Hmmm. That and the broth for the phở bò tái nạm wasn't as well done as the one at Beach Road. This bowl had flavour was muted with less beefiness and cinnamon.

Mrs Pho, pho bo tai nam

Note to self : ask them to omit the Chinese parsley the next time.

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