Sunday, August 18, 2019

Starter Lab, Havelock Road

Starter Lab, coffee black

These guys (721 Havelock Road, tel : +65 9839 0408) from Bali. Barely two years old. Found some measure of success marketing their baker Emerson Manibo who can drop some names from his previous work. 

Nothing much noteworthy to be said about what he has done but plenty of duplicated references to where he's work at so it is that kind of "marketing". Reminded me much of how the education system in this country has been geared for the past decades entrenched into glossing over the branding of one's academia rather than what one has actually achieved.

But I took the bait.

Starter Lab, grilled cheese sandwich

That's the Starter Lab 3 Cheese. Maybe it's me and my soft upper palate but the sourdough has a crust that's too hard. That crusty hardness was exacerbated by the toasting and it didn't have any texture or flavour that was particularly endearing compared to the other sourdough. My personal and not so humble opinion is that it also needs more butter. But otherwise, pretty nice grilled cheese.

The most memorable sourdough I've had came from Belon. For bread, that was worth talking about - not this.

Mortadella on focaccia was not bad but I'd say the saving grace was the Mortadella.

Starter Lab, mortadella focaccia

Not that the focaccia was bad. It was hard and crusty just like their sourdough. Slicked with olive oil that didn't have much flavour. 

Starter Lab, posh toast

Their honeyed Mascarpone posh toast was the easiest to eat because it was single sliced bread. I'll also credit the toppings of honey and mascarpone which was delicious topped with walnuts and black sea salt. Not sure which were the bee pollen though. Failsafe charming flavours I'd say.

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