Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Menya Kokoro, 100AM

I've been wanting to try this mazesoba place since they set up shop last year but had for reasons never made it to Suntec. Largest and most popular mazesoba from Japan was what I read. Our F&B imports tends to be full of superlatives just like this sunny island itself. This new outlet at 100AM (#02-10, 100 Tras Street) was a lot more convenient so here we were.

Tried the cold pork yuzu hiyashi. I enjoyed it. Nice, firm and refreshing noodles with textures from vegetables and tenkasu. I thought it was better after adding the extra yuzu sauce which they obliged.

We ended up with a bowl their curry beef maze don by mistake thinking that it was noodles that we had ordered. Turned out to be a fortunate mistake. I liked this because the curry wasn't excessive so the flavour from the garlic, negi and meat came through resulting in a more complex curry rice than most other curry rice. Not that those other curry rice weren't good but they would not have had the additional flavour and textures this did. Also, the curry was savoury and not sweet. Sweet! 

Not impressed by their mentai tamagoyaki. Sauce was more mayo than mentaiko. I would have preferred a much lighter batter on the fried tamago.

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