Monday, August 05, 2019

The Wine & Gourmet Friends, Bukit Pasoh

The Wine & Gourmet Friends, Bukit Pasoh

We were here (48 Bukit Pasoh Road, tel : +65 6224 1982) by the way of recommendations. It's a wine place - with food, better food than the run of the mill wine places. Prices for house pours were half what one would pay for outside. Look at my Moscato - it's a glowing glass of nectar!

The Wine & Gourmet Friends, momotaro tomato

That's their Momotaro tomato - pickled with something that tasted like plum. Ume perhaps. For some reasons the texture reminded me of oysters. It was chilled, tangy, refreshing and dripping with juices that paired with sweetness from the white corn kernels in the creamy Stracciatella di bufala in olive oil. Those bits of furikake were a nice touch.

The Wine & Gourmet Friends, cheeses

We had cheese. The Fourme d'Ambert was a nice semi-crumbly blue. Comte appeared to be nutty and sweet after my confused tongue has been swayed by wine, bubbled in porter and seduced by pickled Japanese tomatoes. Yummy with Jacob's cream crackers.

Didn't think much of the truffle Camembert. Not the better Camembert we've had - meaning that the cheese tasted young with little complexity or the pungent aroma usually associated. Not impressed by the truffle stuffings neither.

The Wine & Gourmet Friends, bak kut teh risotto

One of the reasons we were here was to try their bak kut teh risotto. It's not bad but I wouldn't say I'm a fan because it's based on the dark broth-ed herbal bak kut teh rather than the local less-herbal-more-peppery-and-garlic-ky rendition. Those Iberico pork ribs tasted like barbecued lor bak - not bad but would probably have worked as well with without the use of the more expensive pork.

The Wine & Gourmet Friends, maura platinum wagyu

The other reason was to try their onglet from the chocolate fed Mayura Platinum wagyu. For some context, Mayura Platinum is a grade/series of wagyu product from the Mayura Station ranch in Southern Australia. They only do full blood wagyu and yes, the cows were chocolate fed for reasons.

Very nice. But they screwed up the order and totally forgot about the sauce on the side request so their "Bordelaise" sauce was all over the meat. They drained it off and re-plated. I'm getting a bunch of sweetness which I'm not sure if it was from the residual sauce. But the flavourful onglet was obviously fat laced and didn't even need a knife.

The Wine & Gourmet Friends, Bukit Pasoh

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