Saturday, August 10, 2019

Tsukemen with hot plum dip from Nirai Kanai

Nirai Kanai, pink guava beer

But first some frosty mugged cold pink guava beer. to wash the dust off my parched throat

Nirai Kanai, tsukemen hot plum

This noodle had escaped my attention all the times I had been to Nirai Kanai and a hot plum broth did sound like something I didn't mind today. What worked for me was that the dipping broth tasted like how I imagined it; plus some smokiness from bonito. Noodles were chewy the way I had expected and liked but I wasn't so enthusiastic about those sliced pork on the side. I wonder if there's a way of keep these tsukemen dips hot after all the cold noodle dipping.

Nirai Kanai

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