Sunday, August 25, 2019

Seizan Uni Ramen, Picnic @ Wisma Atria

Seizan Uni Ramen

So word is that Seizan Uni Ramen (Stall 7, #03-15 Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road) is from the two Michelin starred Seizan in Tokyo. That their dashi which requires 10 hours of preparation is the basis of all their broths including this uni ramen which uses bafun uni and cream. I was warily intrigued. 

I tried to understand the broth. In some mouthfuls, I was pretty sure there was that subtle sweetness from uni poking through the cream. In some, I failed to see how there was uni. While in others my mind kept pondering to itself "is this cream of pumpkin or is it cream of corn?". 

What I observed was that as the broth cooled towards the end of the bowl, it edged toward the definitively uni side of the spectrum of possible flavours that were floating around in my head.

It's not bad. Noodles were firm and chewy. Ajitama had very soft yolk though not exactly molten. Charshu was tender and disintegrating in the mouth. But I don't know if I'll eat it again.

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