Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Authentic Mun Chee Kee King of Pig's Organ Soup (正正文志記豬什湯大王), Jalan Besar

Finally gotten round to trying this shop (207 Jalan Besar) after hearing about them for years. People come here for their pig's organ soup amongst other things.

To be honest, their pig's organ soup is probably the first of it's flavour profile I've had. There was definitely that porcine quality and it was as much savoury as it was sweet. Not garlic-ky, kiam chye-ish nor peppery. The bowl was loaded with sliced pig livers, lean pork, strips of fatty pork, stinky meatballs and tender slices of pig's stomach. Both the meat and offal were tender. Delicious bowl there.

The stewing liquid for their boiled egg had a nice cinnamon aroma.

Pig's intestines were tender and chewy.

What caught me by surprise about their mei cai (梅菜) was the sweetness. While it wasn't bad, I prefer the savoury renditions of this dish.

What these guys are also known for are their lu rou fan (卤肉饭). Minced braised fatty pork belly with gravy on rice. It's good on it's own or with their chilli sauce. 

Chilled calamansi drink for the sweltering heat.

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