Thursday, August 01, 2019

A-One Signature, Tiong Bahru Plaza

A-One is known for their porridge and some cze char dishes. They've a number of branches around. I can't say if their porridges are one of the better ones because I don't know. But it's generally pretty okay. Offhand, the only places I recall that makes good porridges which I like better are Zhen Zhen and Raan Jay Fai. I know it's not fair to compare it to the latter. Mui Kee does not make that list as much as I like their kanpachi yu shen and beancurd skin.

A-One Signature, shredded chicken cereal porridge

Have been to this outlet (#02-134 Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road) once before. First time trying their - or for that matter, any porridge with shredded chicken and cereals. The cereals clumped into lumps while I was trying to stir them into the porridge. I could only think of the flavour as okay. Every porridge option they had would probably taste similar because they're all flavoured with the same dried scallop base. The only variable to the flavour were the ingredients they added.

A-One Signature, kung bao frog

There was kung bao frog on the menu. The dish wasn't cooked in the claypot, just served in it. I knew because I could move the claypot with my hands. Flavour's also okay and I've definitely had better. Comparing it with the specialists would only disappoint.

A-One Signature, steamed salted century egg

Steamed egg with salted and century egg was decent. Quite a bit of minced pork in it. Reminded me of the one from Founder.

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