Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sushiro, Tiong Bahru Plaza

Sushiro, Tiong Bahru Plaza

Not to be confused with Sushiro. Sushiro (#02-118 Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road, tel : +65 6970 2293) is a chain from Japan, largest or so they say, for conveyer belt sushi. Conveyer belt sushi is what it is. I haven't felt any need to visit one in ages but I was intrigued.

Here's some of the stuff we had.

Sushiro, uni gunkan

It's less than $5 here so you get the uni that you pay for. I wouldn't recommend it. It would be a bad experience if it was your first time. Pay top dollar for good quality uni if you want to experience it as it should be experienced.

Sushiro, mentaiko mayo gunkan

Mentaiko and mayo instead of the cheap mentai-mayo stuff that one generally finds. I actually liked this. Had seconds.

Sushiro, broiled fatty salmon

Broiled fatty salmon. Needs more broiling or torching methinks.

Sushiro, negitoro gunkan

Negitoro not bad.

Sushiro, chutoro

Chutoro not bad but the cut is small and a little thin which throws the balance of fish (meaning also flavour) to rice off the usual balance. It is cheap and for what one is paying here and hence pretty good value. I noticed that cuts are of differing levels of marbling so if you're lucky, you could find some chutoro that have almost otoro grade marbling.

Sushiro, otoro

Otoro - fattier, hence more flavourful than the chutoro. Again, it's not a very big piece. A proper sushi restaurant would charge probably more than three times more for something probably double the size.

Sushiro, big red shrimp

I think these might be botan ebi. Large, meaty and sweet. We had seconds.

Sushiro, shrimp mayo gunkan

Little shrimps with mayo. Not bad.

Sushiro, tai

Tai, not bad.

Sushiro, hamachi

Hamachi. Pretty good actually.

Sushiro, marinated herring roe

Spicy marinated herring roe. Not really spicy. Not bad tasting too. 

Sushiro, scallops basil lemon

Scallops with lemon and basil. Tastes...Italian. They have a bunch of other lemon and basil stuff which I assume would taste similar.

Sushiro, kani miso gunkan

Kani miso is kani miso. And kani miso is nice.

Sushiro, scallops

These were the large scallops. One serving per plate instead of two for the regular sized ones. Sweet. Had seconds.

Sushiro, aburi toro

Aburi toro. Similar comments as the otoro. Aburi ups the flavour game.


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