Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sushiro, Thomson Plaza

This was a small local Japanese shop (#01-113F Thomson Plaza, 301 Upper Thomson Road). Very small space that doesn't seat many people but apparently accept reservations. They looked family run. Sushi there doesn't look very enticing as they appear to be the same quality as the mass market variety. So we haven't really tried anything else except their donburi which were pretty good.

Above is their premium chirashi don. It was actually more like a premium barachirashi. More variety to the cubed seafood compared to their regular version. More expensive too, but I thought it was quite nicely done.

That's the chutoro don. The tuna belly was buttery good, but quite thinly sliced.

And the glazed duck donburi with onsen tamago. This was not on the regular menu and while I don't recognize this as typically Japanese, this was actually quite tasty.

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