Monday, February 08, 2016

This year's last reunion dinner

Last reunion dinner here simply refers to the last one possible before the lunar new year begins its next cycle. So this usually happens in an informal fashion at home. Not at a restaurant where proprieties of any sort when eating with others are observed. 

This is usually the time when I get the yu sheng I want. The one without the horrible shreds of ginger which I detest.

Where we pop in things like loads of pomelo and pomegranate seeds to spruce up flavours.

We skipped the raw fish this year and substituted those with smoked duck. 年年有鸭? Though I'd rather 年年有鹅 so that I can look forward to an annual fix at Yat Lok or Kam's.

Made a similar mess out of the yu sheng tossing. Huat ah?

We had fried squid balls.

Bacon wrapped sausages oven roasted with a brown sugar glaze.

And a feeble attempt at making zucchini pasta which we've tried to mimic from the one we had at Afterglow. We'll do better the next time round.

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