Saturday, February 27, 2016

PerBacco Enoteca con Cucina, Craig Road

PerBacco Enoteca con Cucina, Craig Road

We must have passed by this restaurant numerous times thinking from the facade that it was probably one of those bars that had appeared and will soon make way for another better player in a proverbial blink of an eye. Little did we know until recently that PerBacco (20 Craig Road, #01-03 Craig Place, tel : +65 6635 7130) was actually a proper Italian restaurant and one which had left us impressed at that.

PerBacco Enoteca con Cucina, tomino cheese

Tomino cheese was on the board so we had one served on sausages and porcini. The livery sausages and mushrooms along with the toasted smoky cheese were definitely the salt and umami that we'd been looking forward to.

PerBacco Enoteca con Cucina, lamb loin blueberry sauce

Their char grilled lamb loin with blueberry sauce was impressive two ways. It was generously portioned for a start and it definitely lived up to that char grill from the smoky aroma and the bitter edge to some of those charred bits. The meat was tender that it was easily cut with butter knife. Couldn't get any of the blueberry from the sauce, but there was some of the fruit about. Damn this was just bloody good.

PerBacco Enoteca con Cucina, green pea risotto

Our first green pea risotto and a very enjoyable one at that. This one was flavoured with a hint of mint and some other spice which I couldn't quite identify. I'd eat this again. 

PerBacco Enoteca con Cucina, hazelnut panna cotta

Dessert was their hazelnut panna cotta. It sounded really boring on menu and the dessert wasn't quivery and wobbly like what we had been imagining. But it was smooth and creamy and awesome with those crunchy hazelnut brittles that they had on the top. I would come here just for this panna cotta.

This would probably mean nothing to most of you but we had a server whose demeanour reminded us of Tom Keen.