Sunday, February 28, 2016

Revisiting Hakumai

Hakumai, sushi

Here's the sushi platter from the Hakumai Sushi Gozen teishoku. Which comes with soup, a truffle sauce chawanmushi and fruit. I suppose I could consider this middling standards as far as local sushi goes and I did enjoy it. I'm quite certain their omakase offers better but until then...

Hakumai, botan jiru

The soup that was supposed to come with the set was botan jiru. At least it was the last time and that's also stated on their menu. Today, we had a sort of egg drop miso soup. With lots of egg filaments and a couple of asari. I actually liked this better.

Hakumai, angel hair truffle oil sakura ebi

And because I felt like I needed more food, we got their angel hair with truffle oil. Chilled and pretty tasty. Not as chilled as the one at Yoyogi but had more varied texture. Good thing that they didn't overdo the truffle oil.

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