Tuesday, March 01, 2016

French beets, boudin noir and turbot at Le Bistrot du Sommelier

Le Bistrot du Sommelier

I think the restaurant is still on the winter menu.

Le Bistrot du Sommelier, beetroot
chataigne, bettrave et Sabayon aux Cèpes
chestnut mousseline, steamed beetroot and cèpes mushroom sabayon

That explains the steamed beetroot, which by the way were really delicious. From France. These beetroot had none of that earthy taste that most of us associate with beetroots and they come in other colours than just purple. Though those were mostly hidden under the spinach salad which was ladled with their also delicious savoury cèpes sabayon. Also hidden at the bottom of the plate was the sweet and creamy chestnut mousseline and some brown crust on the beetroot which they did not list on the menu. That brown crust thing tasted like some sort of sweet hazelnut crust. Also awesome. This must have been the most impressive warm salad I've had in years.

Le Bistrot du Sommelier, boudin noir
boudin noir

I never realised that Le Bistrot du Sommerlier had boudin noir on the charcuterie menu before. So we just had to order it. Because reasons. This was their rendition, more pâté than sausage and equally delicious. Served simply with just mustard and a little salad. The boudin noir rocks with their bread.

Le Bistrot du Sommelier, turbot

The turbot was from the board and for the night only. Cooked in a robust citrusy lemon butter and stuffed with thyme. The portion as you can see from above was huge; could have fed three persons quite easily. The fish tasted fresh with tender and flaky meat. Pretty impressive.

This on record would be my first time ordering a whole fish in a French restaurant. My first time probably getting owned by a fish as well. We could barely finish it and ran out of room for dessert. Maybe the next time.

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