Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nakasei Sushi Restaurant, Central Mall

I had never noticed that Nakasei (#01-06/07 Central Mall, 1 Magazine Road, tel : + 65 6836 5325) had existed until recently. But then again, it's been quite a while since I was last in the vicinity. While trying to google for an address, I found out that they had previously been located at Gallery Hotel.

The menu looked traditional. So no truffle what-have-yous to be found. This was their chirashi which costs more to be had in dinner over lunch. The rice was served on a separate lacquer bowl rather than with the raw fish.

The quality of the seafood was pretty good. And a decent selection there was of tai, kanpachi, chutoro, amaebi, tamago, hotategai, ikura and crab sticks. Nothing fancy or exotic. If I had to remark a noticeable quality, the chef had a very light hand with the vinegar on the rice. Their wasabi was probably half grated and half from the paste.

There was a separate chirashi set which came with tempura which costed the same. The only discernible difference between that chirashi with tempura and the one without was the former didn't have ikura and the pickles that came with the rice. So I am by logical assumption concluding that their tempura was worth a large spoonful of ikura and some pickles.

The chirashi came with soup and fruit. The fruit which we got today was a slice of orange. One could certainly imagine how sharp the knife that had separated the flesh from the skin of the orange had been. Some of those segments had been left behind like a crystalline plaster on the pith.

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