Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Butchers Club Burger, Clark Quay

So this was the same burger shop from Wan Chai in Hong Kong that has set themselves up here (3A River Valley Road, #01-01B Clarke Quay). This local joint in comparison, was much more spacious and the area behind the counter looked like a luxury considering the staff to working space ratio. The vibe was also different. This space felt contrived.

more Bizzaro than Superman

We got suckered by their S and B burgers. Some sort of gimmick for the impending Dawn of Justice movie. One to signify our friendly galaxyhood alien Kal El and the other with black buns representing the tortured crime fighter spawn of Thomas & Martha Wayne.

The beef patties here suffer from the lack of the manly char that the original has. That was the first unforgivable sin and I'm surprised it even happened. Flavour profile changes along with bite texture because of that. I'm also not sure why they had used those cheap lettuces which doesn't have flavour, doesn't look pretty and served only to unbalance the toppings. We got rid of them just because. 

I'm pretty sure the guys here that are building the burgers aren't the same people as the original crew. While similar ingredients were probably used, these burgers here tasted and looked like their individual components, not the sum of it. Just do a comparison. These were not as satisfying. Not to mention that those coloured buns didn't seem to hold up very well from the juices. 

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