Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Revisiting The Pelican

The Pelican, One Fullerton

We came The Pelican Seafood Bar and Grill (#01-01 One Fullerton, One Fullerton Road, tel : + 65 6438 0400) for dinner once some time back. As it had turned out, I didn't say much and the only thing that I had mentioned was their seaweed sourdough loaf. So that became another wall of digital portraits frozen in their silence. 

The Pelican, seaweed sourdough

The menu has changed since then, but that seaweed sourdough is still being served at The Pelican. Piping hot and with salted butter and no less. And like the last time round, we asked for seconds.

The Pelican, scallops green peas

There were seared scallops with green peas and mint. And something they described as pasta beads which I thought might have been fregola. Pretty good, the scallops were the goodness of sweetness upon sear....if you catch my drift.

The Pelican, clam chowder

We had some clam chowder. I'm actually at a loss of words on what to say about this one. Not bad, but no exceptional neither.

The Pelican, creamed spinach blue cheese

Why yes, that was indeed creamed spinach with blue cheese. A heart clogging vegetable side which we ordered for some dietary fibre in our meal.

The Pelican, trout roe brioche dill

These were trout roe on buttered brioche and dill. There were two shades of the roe, the darker ones have apparently been marinated in beetroot juice. I thought these were fun to eat.

The Pelican, trout roe scallop

Those trout roe that didn't make from brioche to mouth were still a good eat with pretty much everything else.

The Pelican, snapper pie

The Pelican is known for their snapper pie.

The Pelican, snapper pie

A puff pastry pie that's loaded with pretty generous portions flaky snapper, some mushroom and asparagus in cream. Not bad at all. Wouldn't mind eating this again.

The Pelican, One Fullerton

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