Friday, March 11, 2016

Pasta Brava without pasta

Pasta Brava

Pasta Brava. A seemingly unwavering custodian on our sunny island for Italian food. The menu hasn’t changed since the first time I visited a decade ago. There are seldom/no specials of the week/day, no frills. Just the menu. Steadfast and steadfastly moving into what could be construed as retro. But not yet a relic like Pete’s Place. 

In some ways that’s a good thing. No seasonal items means no distractions. One can always come back to visit for a favourite knowing that it will always be there and never be rotated out to make room for a contemporary trend. And that what's on menu can hopefully only get better with time because they're always improving working on the same thing. Optimism speaking that is.

Pasta Brava, foie gras
fegato d'anatra con salsa porcini al profumo di tartufo

I've always wanted to try their foie gras so after all these years, this was a first time. It was actually quite good. I would definitely love for the portions of the duck liver to be a little bigger. The porcini sauce was delicious. If I had to complain, they should replace that excuse of a crostini at the bottom and put in a real piece of fresh toast. Would make a whole lot of difference.

Pasta Brava, calamari

The tomato salsa seemed to be less spicy than I remember it. But it was a competent if unexciting fried calamari. At least the squids were fresh.

Pasta Brava, prawns
gamberoni con prosciutto e mozzarella gratinati

I had envisioned much larger prawns when I ordered this. But fantasy and reality are often separated by a thick glass wall. While I liked the dish and thought well of the quality of the prawns (and also the mozzarella blanketed prosciutto wrap), the two of them at those sizes were a little too little for a main course. Will probably never order them again.

Pasta Brava, tenderloin gorgonzola
filetto di manzo al gorgonzola

This was another first. I'm sure there will be a second or more. Gorgonzola sauce with green peppercorn. How could I have not been sold? While it might not have been visually apparent, there was underneath a nice char to the steaks which could be tasted. I daresay this rivals the one at Valentino's.

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