Saturday, March 26, 2016

Another lunch at Kaiho Sushi

Kaiho Sushi, scallops uni

It's been a while since the last time at Kaiho. Their anago don seems to have been taken off the lunch menu. We ordered some hotategai and uni while waiting for their slower than usual table service. A little bit of extras above their regular lunch items. Both were pretty good.

Kaiho Sushi, chawanmushi

Today's chawanmushi came with ikura. I don't remember that they had them previously, but we weren't complaining for sure. The salmon roe were briny and bursty.

Kaiho Sushi, ebi tendon

Here's their ebi tendon. The prawns tasted fresh and were of good quality. But they were probably not properly dried before the battering which resulted in the fried skin slipping off the bugs really easily. Batter was soft and lacked crisp as well. Maybe these guys just aren't so good at tempura.

Kaiho Sushi, rice

We also had a buri kama shioyaki. That's yellowtail collar grilled with salt.

Kaiho Sushi, buri kama shioyaki

The grilled fish was dry and crisp on the outside while the meat was moist and tender. Very competently done.

We noticed several orders of chirashi from the neighbouring tables today. Those didn't look even as good as what we had in the past. Both the quality and variety of cuts seems to have taken a hit. 

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