Saturday, March 05, 2016

Humpback, Bukit Pasoh Road

Humpback (20 Bukit Pasoh Road, tel : +65 6750 4461) was opened by the people behind Jigger & Pony and Sugarhall, both of which I've never visited. The name of the bar/restaurant refers to the whale which is directly referenced to their seafood theme; which from what I've read is Seattle styled. Not that I know what that means. The wait staff there are generally young, friendly and are fortunately, not clueless about the food they're selling.

Humpback, clam dip
clam dip, cream cheese, ritz crackers

Clam dip was rich and creamy. As a dip, I suppose it was okay. As a clam dip, I thought little of it. While we could tell that there were clams in the dip, we couldn't really taste the clams. I think it was reasonable to expect a clam dip to taste of clams. No?

Humpback, roquefort honey bread
roquefort blue, honey, bread

I had told myself not to order this because I could make it at home. I had wanted to get the sea urchin brioche, but they were out of it so I got kinda thrown off the track and fell back onto a safe routine. This was not bad but honey and blue cheese are one of those things that's kinda hard to screw up. And I am pretty sure they didn't make the cheese nor the honey, so...repackaged food.

Humpback, kale
kale, buttermilk, pear, kale chips, pecan nuts

We heard that Humpback was good with vegetables. So we had kale. There was crispy kale and regular kale and I think the buttermilk had dill in it. All in all very enjoyable. I think more pear would definitely make this better.

Humpback, brussels sprouts
brussels sprouts, chipotle, egg, raisin

The brussels sprout were good. An appreciable hit of savoury and heat from the chipotle and the whole plate was more umami than we had been expecting. Liked those plump sultanas and the eggs were a good idea.

Humpback, cabbage
cabbage, herb cheese, crispy quinoa, chilli oil

Cabbage was actually juicy underneath all that char. Sweet from the freshness too. That smear of herb cheese didn't quite do anything for this plate.

Humpback, pumpkin
pumpkin, burnt butter, hazelnut crumb, vinaigrette

We might have been pulling out all the stops with the vegetable thing so here's pumpkin. It was fried I think and there was a flavour in that that made me think Indian or Middle Eastern. Maybe it was cumin. That blob on the side was a puree made with the pumpkin too. That was also good. 

At this point of time, I was starting to be aware of the fact that while we had been eating a lot of vegetables, there was a also a lot of grease and fat. Caveat cenator.

Humpback, rainbow trout
rainbow trout, egg yolk, almond milk, mustard seeds

And so fish. Sous vide rainbow trout which they had recommended and was really delicious. I'm definitely getting one of this again if I come back.

Humpback, churros

We managed to get dessert. There were only two and the other was a chocolate mousse. This churros was competently done and came with a nice salted caramel cream on the side.

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