Monday, December 11, 2017

Mrs Pho, Beach Road

Mrs Pho, Beach Road

I've been wanting to come down to this place (349 Beach Road, tel : +65 6292 0018) for quite a while now but due to the location, it's always been out of sight and out of mind for us. We'd happen by once in a while and then exclaim that we pho-got about this little shop *insert cringe*. But today's finally happened and I'm glad we made it.

Mrs Pho, goi cuon

We liked what we had. Like their packed goi cuon which were fatter and one up from the ones at O Banh Mi...

Mrs Pho, goi du du

...and also the goi du du. A crunchy and tangy papaya salad not unlike som tam with some sliced boiled pork and shrimp with tasty bits of fried shallots and basil.

Mrs Pho, banh canh cua

A pleasant find was their banh canh cua. Rat tail noodles it appeared with shrimp, minced bits of crab and what tasted like pork balls with something. Not sure what's that something. This bowl tasted like a Vietnamese rendition of our local prawn noodles with a crustacean sweet broth.

Mrs Pho, pho bo tai

Pho bo tai was pretty good too. I thought the broth was a good balance between the beefy savoury and sweetness and what I especially enjoyed was that the cinnamon that was pretty pronounced.

Mrs Pho, Beach Road

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