Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dynasty Ipoh Seafood, Bishan

Heard about the fried porridge for quite a while so curiosity finally got the better of me. It's a signature dish - amongst a few others, from Dynasty Ipoh Seafood (151 Bishan Street 11, #01-195, tel : +65 9122 3993). The chef had previously been cooking at a talked about place called Royal J's at Foch Road.

How was that? Pretty good. The flavour from the dried shrimp/cuttlefish and possibly lard made it taste like glutinous rice dumplings. With a viscous porridge texture that's kinda like the dry porridge from Raan Jay Fai.  

The fu rong egg was okay. Neither the better nor worst I've encountered.

This was green dragon vegetable (青龙菜), also known as royal chives. Stir fried. Not sure if I've ever had them before. They tasted like bean sprouts with the texture of chives. Rather fibrous chives if might say so. Very little salt in this so it was a little bland.

We ordered their baby lamb chops because we were curious and lamb is kinda rare in our local Chinese cze char stalls. Almost as rare as a unicorn sighting. It came with what was described as Mongolian sauce. A sauce that was thick and nutty which reminded me of satay gravy. It was also peppery. The flavours were sweet and spicy and it wasn't that much different from a sweet black pepper sauce. The lamb was a little chewy and filled with bones.

We had pickled mustard soup. Flavour from the kiam chye was lighter than what I had been expecting but there was quite a bit of ingredients that made it relatively tasty. Ingredients like dried sour plum, sliced fish cake, sliced pork and tofu.

Their prawn paste mid wings were well fried but quite lacking in flavours from the prawn paste.

What I personally found outstanding was their Thai styled steamed seabass with lemon and bee hoon. I liked that the lemon-y flavours were well absorbed into the bee hoon. The fish was tender and delicious while that lemon sauce/broth was also deliciously spicy. I don't know what those mint leaves were doing there though.

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