Friday, December 29, 2017

Tendon Kohaku (天丼琥珀), Suntec City

Tendon Kohaku (天丼琥珀), ocean gems tendon

Finally down to Tendon Kohaku (#03-310/311 Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard, tel : +65 6333 4386). The queue that I've been hearing about was still there but we managed to get there early so the wait was much less painful. Just 15 minutes. And another 20 or so after we got seated.

Here's their Ocean Gems tendon which featured snow/king crab, oyster, scallop, squid and shrimps in a aonori batter with a small shower of ikura. And a rather large crabstick. I'm quite sure the large chikuwa-like tempura was crabstick and not crab. 

This particular tendon is apparently on limited serving per day. It passed muster for a lack of a better description. The batter was sufficiently crisp and not too heavy with little residual grease. I liked that fried oyster in there even though I thought it was a little small. The seafood tasted pretty good except for the boring piece of squid.

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