Saturday, December 23, 2017

Yes! Nasi Kukus, Jurong East Central

Yes! Nasi Kukus, nasi dagang

These guys (BGAIN 130 Eating House, #01-211, 130 Jurong Gateway Road) are apparently from Kelantan. The sale pitch was steamed rice and their nasi dagang. So nasi kukus from what I gather is rice steamed in aluminium cups. The dagang version is rice steamed with coconut milk and they seemed to have differentiated it from their regular steamed rice by using brown rice. So one basically gets a rice plate with a choice of meat. The rest of the stuff like the hard boiled egg, keropok and bean sprouts come with the plate.

It's not bad but the flavour wasn't what I had in mind when I was thinking about rice with coconut milk. It didn't taste like nasi lemak for sure and it was doused with some lemak gravy. Fried chicken was tender and delicious though. Their fruity sambal was awesome.

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