Saturday, December 02, 2017

Casa Tartufo, Erskine Road

Casa Tartufo

Seven years ago, we saw Casa Tartufo open up at Forum Galleria. We were skeptical because of the name but still curious. For a long time. What was it that they said about having being bitten once before? But the menu looked proper. We made a mental notes to return. For a long time.

Seven years later today, we visited for the first time. Man, it just all went by didn't it? All those years. They're now at The Scarlet Singapore - or the place formerly known as Scarlet Hotel (33 Erskine Road). 

Casa Tartufo, bread

Bread gratis was well appreciated. Some nicely greased rosemary (and olive maybe) focaccia and some other sliced bread. We (read as I) had seconds. Save some for their scrambled eggs.

Casa Tartufo, scallops

So the scallops. A la plancha styled. Nicely seared that it had a light char aroma and the insides were barely cooked. I thought that was nicely done sitting on a light Parmigiano and truffle fondue.

Casa Tartufo, uovo

This be the dish known as uovo on the menu. Nicest truffled eggs we've ever had. Shaven winter black truffle on top and more in those scrambled eggs. This alone would be worth a return trip.

Casa Tartufo, risotto casa

The restaurant's risotto casa is made with truffle and sea urchin. The uni flavour was subtle. Could detect them in occasional mouthfuls and for the other times, it was an after taste. Savoury rice dish that was also nicely done.

Casa Tartufo, maiale

We had Iberico pork collar in masala sauce. Seared to a medium doneness. The server said there was cherry in the sauce but we couldn't taste it. But the pork was good.

Casa Tartufo, pistachio gelato
Casa Tartufo, truffle gelato

Because the food had been good, we made it to their gelato. Pistachio and truffle (how could we not have?). Both seemed to be salted lightly, very creamy and well flavoured.

We left the dinner pretty pleased thinking about when's the next excuse to come back. 

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