Friday, December 08, 2017

hans im glück, Orchard Road

I had wanted to say that this German burger grill restaurant (362 Orchard Road) from Munich appeared out of nowhere but that wasn't entirely true. Their premise between the Thai Embassy and International Building had been boarded up for quite a while so now we've finally found out what had been quietly setting up. A burger restaurant with a bunch of trees!

Had a geissbock. One of their beef burgers with feta cheese, fig jam and bacon. From what I could gather, the meat's Australian beef at 20/80. All these between sourdough buns.

I got the tangy saltiness from the feta and sweetness from the fig jam. Bacon was present but not the in your face kind of obvious. I suppose the combination of flavours just meant that the beefiness from the patty wasn't as pronounced as something like Omakase Burger. Not to mention that the burger tasted pretty clean with the lack of grease. I don't think these were meant to be like the American styled burgers in the first place.

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