Thursday, December 21, 2017

Re-revisiting Brasserie Gavroche

Brasserie Gavroche, Tras Street

I was thinking that the one thing in this era I can't stand about restaurants are the ones that do not bother with communicating their menu. By that, I mean that they do not update or do not manage the update of what's currently cooking. While I hold no such grievance against Brasserie Gavroche (yet!), they messed up their menu update which resulted in us being here today. An update they made that was suppose to come in next month. According to them that is.

Brasserie Gavroche, saucisson

Since we were here, we decided to just eat here. We liked their food anyway. One of their current specials was a saucisson with black truffle and a thin Parmigiano Reggiano crust. So thin you would barely notice that it was there. But there was a mild trailing aftertaste of the cheese amid the saltiness. Not bad. We stuffed ourselves with an extra basket of bread because of this.

Brasserie Gavroche, fish quenelle

The last time I had their fish quenelle was more than 5 years ago. I think it tasted the same. The quenelles were light and creamy. It was the cream in the bisque that was rich. Today's crawfish was especially crawfish-y. Another basket of bread we had to soak and wipe the plate clean for this.

Brasserie Gavroche, scallops

Pan seared scallops with Jerusalem artichoke puree and black truffle. Nice. Don't know why the black truffle was there though since they didn't contribute any flavour. Pretty sure monsieur Frédéric Colin is beyond costly aesthetics that doesn't contribute to his dishes.

Brasserie Gavroche, crepe suzette

Their crepe Suzette was one dish we didn't expect burnt ends though. A little corner burned a little to fiercely than expected, raging its last bit of anger before I was forced to snuff it out with my breath. It's that or more of my crepe would have been burnt so I made the obvious choice. Haha. The Grand Marnier is strong in this one.

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