Sunday, December 31, 2017

665°F, Andaz Singapore

665°F, Andaz Singapore

This space (38/F Andaz Singapore, 5 Fraser Street, tel : +65 6408 1255) was intimate, a little classy and in almost dire need of upgrade for their ventilation. We left the restaurant smelling of the smoke and sizzled fat from their grill - being seated at almost the furthest spot from the grill. 

665°F, garlic bread

They serve garlic bread. Freshly made. Which was nice. Not sure what their recipe was but a bit more butter and garlic would have made it awesome-er. But I'm not complaining here.

665°F, tuna tartare

We ordered their yellowfin tuna tartare after seeing pictures of it online. The amount of Kaluga Queen caviar from those pictures were easily 5 times or more of that tiny little mound we were given. So for $48, it was expensive and represented little value. The only way one would be able to taste those eggs was to eat them before the rest of the tartare. 

665°F, crab cakes

Crab cakes were not bad. We've had better though.

It came with some pepper dip, mostly capsicum flavoured - which we thought was totally unnecessary for those crab cakes. The only thing it did was to rob the crab of any flavours left on the meat after what I thought was grain mustard already mixed into those patties.

665°F, double cut lamb chops

Double cut lamb chops were also okay. Some parts of the exterior were burnt and bitter. Medium rare was actually more medium. I'm thinking that whomever did these weren't very experienced with getting the outcome they were trying to achieve. These chops were generating an "it's alright" kind of vibe rather than a "wow, I'm coming back for this" feel on me. 

665°F, usda prime sirloin

Their grain fed USDA Prime sirloin from Omaha was pretty good though. The grill and char was respectable and the meat sufficiently beefy with what I thought was a nice shade for the doneness. Didn't need the mustards or pepper sauces they had provided.

665°F, mac and cheese

Mac & cheese was bland so we used the black pepper sauce from the steak for it. I'm not sure what these guys where thinking but something a little more sharp and aged with a little more salt was needed here.

665°F, Andaz Singapore

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