Friday, September 24, 2021

What Miznon keeps (in Davy Jones' Locker)

Miznon, fennel

No, not the fennel. Not that particular locker that is. We managed to get counter seats at Miznon today.

Miznon, masabaha

Ordered a portion of their masabaha. Cooked chickpeas with chilli, tomatoes, tahini, hard boiled eggs and maybe olive oil too. I liked how they salted this.

Miznon, fish and chips

We tried a couple of their seafood stuffed pitas. This was fish & chips which featured seared barramundi and fried potatoes. Loved the tanginess from the vinegar and pickles pairing with the creamy aioli on the fish. 

Miznon, adom yam

The other, Adom Yam, had seared calamari; not forgetting loads of sweet crunchy onions with sour cream. The sauce that soaked into the pita was savoury and peppery. Another delicious one as well.

Miznon, Stanley Street

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