Wednesday, March 17, 2021

More food from Miznon

Miznon, Stanley Street

Revisiting Miznon. Seems that they've run out of cauliflowers.

Miznon, arthichokes

Artichokes appear to be in season though. We ordered one.

Miznon, pita

There's roasted chilli with their free pita & tahini. Nice.

Miznon, artichoke

The artichoke was okay-ish. Was drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and some salt. Yellow puddle on the side was lemon aioli. It was more satisfying eating those large ones at Le Bistrot du Sommelier.

Miznon, pita candy brisket

This was their 'pita candy brisket'. Was from the specials section of their menu featuring seared beef brisket that was well caramelized on the pan - plus onions, tahini, pickles and chilli.  Pretty good. Brisket was crispy on the outside and tender underneath that crisp.

Miznon, sweet potato

Very nice roasted sweet potato. Sweet and very tender. I thought it worked very well with the sour cream and dill with salt.

Miznon, stanley street

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