Wednesday, March 24, 2021

White asparaguses, lamb rump and scallops at Bistro Du Vin

Bistro Du Vin, Scotts Road

Another lunch at Bistro Du Vin.

Bistro Du Vin, bread

Bread's no longer in baskets but paper bags. What we didn't understand was that butter's on every table and those were somehow excused from hygiene requirements in this social distancing era?

Bistro Du Vin, onion soup

I seem to recall having onion soup here and being not impressed with them but cannot be sure if I remembered correctly. We enjoyed the onion soup today. I imagined what made this work was a good balance between the wine, beef stock and spices.

Bistro Du Vin, white asparagus

White asparagus was on the specials board. Wasn't impressive because it wasn't as juicy off the grill. White asparaguses don't have much complexity so if they don't deliver whatever little they have, they don't deliver much. Also, if the restaurant hadn't mentioned that the orange bits on the plate were Mimolette, I wouldn't have known either. I expected better of this restaurant than this weak posturing.

Bistro Du Vin, saint jacques scallops

The St Jacques scallops weren't bad but were also not impressive either. These were thoroughly cooked instead of having a sear on the exterior with the inside still rare. Don't think I'll get them again. Would rather spend the money on those Georges Bank ones at Luke's. 

Bistro Du Vin, lamb rump

They did handle the lamb rump well. Was another special from the board. The meat was tender, chewy and layered with a good bit of flavour from the jus. The jus was described to be lamb and truffle but I couldn't get the least bit of truffle from the flavour. Also pretty expensive for the pretty small portions at $52. 

By the way, those aren't regular peas, carrots and corn at the bottom of the plate. The green and yellow thingy were balls of green and yellow zucchini. The orange balls were still carrots. 

Bistro Du Vin, Scotts Road

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