Monday, March 15, 2021

Etna, March 2021

Etna, Duxton Road

While the prices have gone up and portions have somewhat gotten smaller, Etna does reel us back once in a while with their specials for the weekend. This weekend was their lamb.

Etna, tuna tartare artichoke mango sauce

Since we were here for the specials, we tried one from their starters. Tuna tartare with artichokes and mango. Artichokes might have been marinated in olive oil, was salted and I tasted pepper. The yellow pool at the bottom was a mango sauce that didn't have enough mango that the salt from the tartare and the artichokes pretty much overwhelmed the fruit flavour. Not enough strips of mango as well. This could have done a lot better with more mango.

We came here tonight for the lamb with coffee and star anise sauce. That above was the picture they put up. Looked properly grilled with a pretty pink shade of medium inside.

Etna, lamb chops

This was how it looked like. The cook, yes I said cook and not chef, seared the sides. Because the meat from each rib wasn't thick cut, the meat ended up more medium well than medium. Why sear the sides? We overlooked it because the lamb was still delicious. 

Not getting the coffee but definitely tasted star anise. Reminded me a little of the dark soya sauce from Chinese braised pork. I wished someone would do the lamb + coffee that Mietta's once did. Hey, didn't the product shot feature more sauce?

Etna, artichoke scallop risotto

Most defining quality of their artichoke and scallop risotto was the anchovy flavour. Nice. Also a special for this weekend.

Etna, lobster ravioli

I mentioned that their food portions were getting smaller these years. We needed more so we gave their lobster ravioli in butter pistachio cream sauce a go. 

One of the ang moh staff commented that it was good choice and waxed lyrical over the crunch of the pistachio that he felt defined the dish. He's obviously getting better ravioli than we are or I'm smelling bullshit. I shall not judge but did anyone think for a moment from the picture above that there was actually enough pistachio for that to happen?

Taste was not bad. Sauce was nice but there was nothing pistachio-y about it. Also, six pieces for $36. 

Etna, pistachio tiramisu

Pistachio tiramisu again. Haven't tried anything else from them for a long time because I was afraid that it would be disappointing. This one remains nice but seemed to be smaller than I remember.

Etna, Duxton Road

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