Wednesday, March 10, 2021

More food from Komala Vilas

Komala Vilas, Serangoon Road

So we came by Komala Vilas during the CNY period and we ordered some items which we haven't tried before.

Komala Vilas, andhra meal

I've been wanting to try another Andhra meal after the first time I've had it at Sri Lukshmi Naarashimhan. Mainly because of the podi and ghee which they provided for the rice. This one from Komala Vilas didn't have ghee....or at least they didn't drizzle over mine like they did for a neighbour's. The vegetables and curries on the side were the same as the ones from their South Indian meals. Podi didn't pack much punch here. I liked the one from Sri Lukshmi Naarashimhan much better.

Komala Vilas, jeera pulao

Their jeera pulao was delicious. Aromatic and had a good flavour from the ghee and cumin. 

Komala Vilas, mushroom mutter

That's their mushroom mutter. Sliced canned mushrooms with peas in masala(?) gravy. Not bad. Had a bit of heat.

Komala Vilas, poori

To add more grease and carbs into the meal, we got poori too. These were quite nice. The bread had a light crisp and was chewy.

Komala Vilas, Serangoon Road

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