Sunday, March 07, 2021

Luke's Lobster, Istetan Scotts

Luke's Lobster, luke's trio

Finally got to try Luke's Lobster (#01-K4 Shaw House, 350 Orchard Road, tel : +65 6592 7642). I imagined that they would have ironed out staffing issues after all these time but it seems that the people behind the counter still don't know what they're serving because I was trying to ask and was given the sheepish looks of ignorance. The experience today felt like they were staffed with people who cannot handle beyond processing orders and cleaning up rather than a crew running a shop. Probably a reflection of the management anyway. Tattooed butch behind the counter has an attitude as well...

Anywayssss...the rolls were not bad. The bread was light, airy and buttery. Seafood tasted like they were soaked in water though. The shrimps were the weakest link with almost no flavour - made me miss those prawn rolls from Market Grill which blew these out of the water. Wouldn't get them again. Crabs were okay, meat had a briny sweetness. Lobsters were not bad. I kinda enjoyed the clam chowder too. Not gonna wait long in line for them though.  

Luke's Lobster, Istetan Scotts

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