Friday, March 05, 2021

Re-revisiting Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺)

Jia Wang Cafe, Bukit Ho Swee

Late dinner at Jia Wang. We came half an hour before they were closing so we got to sit indoors as they were packing up the tables outside. If you've noticed from the boxes of coloured preserved fruit/ginger, it seemed that they were also catered for lou hei.

Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺), san lau hor fun

We just wanted to try more of their food. Like their sum lou hor fun which was competent. I wouldn't rank this with the likes of Ka-Soh, Quan Ji or even the Holland V XO fish bee hoon shop but they weren't bad at all. This one also didn't cost as much. Fresh tasting firm slices of fish, a light smokiness to the hor fun and decent textures - qualifies them as a go to for neighbourhood cze char

Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺), roast pork fried rice

We've never had a roast pork fried rice before so we tried theirs. Again, competent as neighbourhood cze char fried rice went - there's fried strips of pork belly in it. Flavour was a little peppery which I did not expect. I ate these with the sliced chillis which was awesome for 3/4 of the plate before the lip/tongue burn became too much for me. This plate was a little greasier than the sambal plate we had previously. Would not mind eating again. 

Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺), kailan garlic

Some kailan stir fried with garlic for our dietary fibres. I liked that it was sufficiently salted and there were both bits of deep fried garlic and thin sliced stir fried garlic in there. Those thinly sliced garlic were caramelized and sweet.

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