Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Uncle Sim Traditional Lor Mee, Whampoa Makan Place

Uncle Sim Traditional Lor Mee, lor mee

We gave this stall (#01-63 Whampoa Makan Place, 90 Whampoa Drive) a try because we had good memories of Uncle Sim for their cai png and curry chicken; and also in the faith that the branding of the business would imply quality. Both the cooked food and curry chicken have disappeared from this food centre and we didn't even know if those Uncle Sim stalls were even related to this one. We did think that it was odd that they would fold up the other two to go sell lor mee.

Uncle Sim Traditional Lor Mee, lor mee

The toppings were strips of pork belly, fried chicken and bits of fried fish. A couple of things bothered me. Toppings were pretty miserable for $5. Tiong Bahru Lor Mee and Xiang Ji from Old Airport Road would blow this out of the water. Flavour was okay but most things become okay with enough chilli, vinegar and garlic. The other thing was that the gloopy gravy remained gloopy throughout. Most of the time, the stirring and the vinegar would "de-starch" the gravy. I don't understand it. Wouldn't come back again.

Uncle Sim Traditional Lor Mee, Whampoa Drive Makan Place


Jimbo said...

Fun fact, it actually is enzyme amylase from your saliva that "de-starches" the lor mee goop!

LiquidShaDow said...

I didn't know that. I did some Googling and read that amylase is activated in low PH acid, e.g. vinegar. Can't figure out the dynamics of that in eating a bowl of lor mee with vinegar.

Thanks for sharing.