Saturday, March 13, 2021

Back at iSteaks at Star Vista

iSteaks, aglio olio bacon

I admit that iSteaks works for us as a western food option. They're kinda like Aston's with more variety and a larger price tag. Still quite affordable in my opinion. Came back to try a few more items. This was the one at Star Vista, not the Suntec outpost.

We tried their pasta today. Aglio olio with bacon. It was okay. Garlic-ky and a little spicy with tiny strips of dry-ish bacon.

iSteaks, chicken

I noticed that they was a honey ginger option for their grilled chicken previously so I was curious enough to order one to try. There's honey for sure but I couldn't taste any ginger.

iSteaks, lamb capped loin
iSteaks, lamb medium

We liked their capped loin of lamb enough to order them again even though we had a bad one at Suntec. This serving has proved that the kitchen here knows how to handle this cut of meat and serve it a proper medium doneness with a good char going on the outside. We've had this at least thrice and it's been consistent so far.

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