Sunday, February 21, 2021

Disappointing iSteaks at Suntec

iSteaks, lamb

We've had iSteaks' capped loin of lamb a couple of times at Star Vista. They've so far never disappointed. Tried them at Suntec for the first time. The minimal doneness they do is medium. This was much less than medium. Quality control as one can see, is poor. What with only four outlets to manage? No, we did not complain or ask for a refund or even waste our time on a replacement. Won't be coming back.

iSteaks, ribeye

Previously we've tried their NZ Silver Fern ribeye at Star Vista as well. Today we ordered the Reserve cut which presumably is of a better quality somehow. Look at the medium rare they did. Serious problem with the cooking because this looked like medium raw to me. Only the exterior was cooked so the logical deduction would be that they threw frozen meat into the grill that wasn't properly thawed and wouldn't cook on the inside while the exterior charred. I wouldn't waste more money on this place.

iSteaks, milk tea

The nicest thing we had was their tea with milk. Look, kaleidoscopic froth!

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