Sunday, February 28, 2021

Revisiting Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺)

Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺), sambal fried rice

As happenstance would have it, a consecutive sambal fried rice dinner. This time from Jia Wang Cafe. Since the last was just the day before, I had to compare. I thought the sambal flavour was pretty similar so it's a tie with that. Lao You Ji's rendition has little shrimps that this one doesn't but this one has ikan bilis. The char siew bits also seemed a lot finer here so one won't be getting much of texture from those here. On the whole, pretty good. Loved the molten yolked 荷包蛋. That's an add on.

Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺), mui fan

The mui fan (烩饭) was a bore though. There's decently quality ingredients but those couldn't save it from the bland gravy. I guess this would be a measure of how their hor fun would taste like and we won't be getting those for sure. Hillman Restaurant still takes the cake for this dish for now.

Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺), black pepper sliced fish

Tried their black pepper sliced fish. Not a bad rendition if I might say. Pretty generous with the fish slices in spite of appearance and they did a savoury pepper sauce that I found agreeable and wasn't gloopy.

Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺), Bukit Ho Swee

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