Saturday, February 06, 2021

More food from O Banh Mi

O Banh Mi, vietnamese ham banh mi

S'been a while since the last time we were here. Came across some items on the menu which we haven't tried before. Like their Vietnamese ham bánh mì which I have actually been trying to order since the beginning and it's always been not available. Managed to get it today. Sans coriander. The picture on their menu is a lie. But it didn't taste bad. Liked the thick slices of ham. I thought it would also have pate or chilli but it didn't. There were only pickles and fried egg.

O Banh Mi, beef porridge

The beef porridge is new. At least to me it was. Porridge was prepared on order and we needed to wait 20 minutes for it. Noticed that it was made with broken rice. Broth might have been the one from their pho bo. This was a flavour bomb made with their beef broth and fried shallots. Deliciously savoury but a little too heavy handed with the salt.

O Banh Mi, dry chicken pho

Never noticed that they had dry chicken pho before. The bowl also didn't look like the picture in the menu but I kinda liked it so it didn't matter. While it might not have looked so, the noodles were served warm. Flavour was light, savoury and with some citrus. I liked it and liked it more after adding more squeezes of lime and crushed peanuts. 

O Banh Mi, Tiong Bahru Plaza

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