Thursday, February 04, 2021

Lao Gu Ban (老古板), Cantonment Road

Lao Gu Ban (老古板), noodles

This stall at 243 Cantonment Road had taken over the same unit that belonged to Hosay Mee Pok. They seem related because the design of the stall signages are similar and they also sell the same prawn cakes in soup. While it looked like they were doing regular minced meat or fishball noodles, Lau Gu Ban wasn't. This was their bowl which featured their own type of noodles with their prawn cakes, something that might have been sliced abalone, minced pork and fried sole with mushrooms. I got the bowl with chilli and I liked how savoury and tangy the noodles were with good quality ingredients.

Lao Gu Ban (老古板), prawn cake soup

We ordered another bowl of prawn cake soup on the side. I don't know what these were actually called but I'm calling them prawn cakes for now. These were pretty good - were tender and had the sweetness of prawns in them. Similar tasting to the ones that can be found at Hosay Mee Pok, Bai Nian and even Guan's Mee Pok. Soup likewise had a natural sweetness that tasted like it came from the cabbages, prawns and pork. Nice.

Lao Gu Ban (老古板), Cantonment Road

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