Monday, February 01, 2021

A couple of limited items from Sushiro

Sushiro, broiled hokkaido sardine sushi

We're back in Sushiro. Ordered a couple of items that we haven't seen before on limited run. That above was the broiled Hokkaido sardine nigiri. It's pretty good. Like the oils and flavour coming from the fish. I wished they hadn't decided that it needed the tiny dollop of ginger though.

Sushiro, whole squid sushi

The other item that caught our attention was their whole squid sushi. Made me think of those ikameshi that I used to get from Isetan. This was tastier than it looked. Squid might have been pan fried or something. Had a nice squid flavour. The body was stuffed with rice but it wasn't those flavoured rice like the ikameshi.

Sushiro, shirako ramen

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