Monday, February 15, 2021

Shake Shack(les)

Shake Shack, Neil Road

We were heading down Neil Road on the way to someplace else and noticed that there wasn't a queue when we passed by Shake Shack. The fastest change of minds took place.

Shake Shack, burgers fries shakes

So this happened.

Shake Shack, chick'n bites

Tried their new Chick'n Bites. Kinda like McNuggets but made from whole chicken meat chunks rather than reconstituted ones. All-natural, antibiotic-free whole muscle, sous-vide, hand breaded and prepared on order...blah blah blah. Pretty tender and not bad tasting. A bit expensive though.

Shake Shack, mandarin orange shake

There's currently a mandarin orange shake on the menu. Possibly a CNY thingy. The cream even had some shaven orange zest. Shake managed to capture some of that orange flavour but none of the citrus. That's how it tasted. 

Shake Shack, double shackburger

Their Shackburger is still reliable. Maybe not for everyone but I like it.

Shake Shack, Neil Road

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