Sunday, July 12, 2020

More Shake Shackery

Shake Shack

We wanted to try the mushroom and chicken burgers so we came back to the Shack. Couldn't fathom why I even contemplated putting up with the crazy queue but as fate would have it, we were bumped up ahead of most of the people because they needed more than two seats. Two seats were exactly what we needed. Only waited for a just little more than 10 minutes and I'll take that win.

Shake Shack, shroom burger

To the Shroom Burger. A battered and deep fried portobello cap stuffed with melted Muenster and Cheddar in between the buns. So one gets crisp from the exterior, a moist mushroom and runniness from the cheese. I tried "the squeeze" after a couple of bites but it didn't look like there was so much cheese that would ooze out. Heh. It's something that I wouldn't mind eating again though. Once in a while.

Shake Shack, chicken burger

Shake Shack's chicken burger looked fantastic at a neighbour's table the last time we were here. What we were served today looked like it had greased locked batter. Didn't look promising but after a couple of bites, I admitted that I enjoyed it. Nice crunch in the oily crispy batter and relatively moist and flavoured chicken breast on the inside with pickles to cut through the grease. Would eat this again.

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