Saturday, July 18, 2020

Jia Ji Mei Shi (佳记美食), Chinatown Food Centre

Jia Ji Mei Shi (佳记美食), yam cake

I've had food from Jia Ji (#02-166 Chinatown Food Centre, 335 Smith Street) a few times. They are a pretty decent stall serving what could be construed as traditional Chinese breakfast in this country. Some people swear by them. There'll be others that claim that the food's overrated or had been better in the past. Me? I don't know. I don't eat them very often. But I like their steamed yam cake (芋头糕) with the sweet sauce. It leaves an aftertaste that I like. 

Jia Ji Mei Shi (佳记美食), chee cheong fun luncheon meat egg

The other thing I don't mind from them are their chee cheong fun. Sometimes I like them sauced and sometimes, the clean tasting combination of soy sauce and sesame oil is good enough. Luncheon meat and fried eggs are bonuses to add that extra oomph for the breakfast.

Jia Ji Mei Shi (佳记美食), Chinatown Food Centre

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