Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Masses X Heavens Appam brunch and other stuff

Masses X Heavens Appam brunch, kombucha

The Masses currently has a collaboration with Heavens serving appams for the weekend brunches. Because of the nature of The Masses, one would expect a woven cross cultural cuisine......thing. EuroIndian above the usual Franco Asian that they like to call themselves perhaps.

Masses X Heavens Appam brunch, kombucha

We discovered today that their kombucha is made in house. The flavour is potent with a vinegary punch. Loved it. These were their mango & cinnamon and the white peach & mint. Guess which is which.

Masses X Heavens Appam brunch, C&C&C&C pasta

C&C&C&C pasta. Reliable dish which has evolved and come ways since the lean and trim rendition from the old Saveur days. It costs more compared to the old days obviously and even has option for uni

Masses X Heavens Appam brunch, char siew lamb ribs

There's char siew lamb rib on the menu so we couldn't ignore it. It's nicely done with a sweet dark glaze and caramelized exterior which one could reasonably construe as a char siew marinade.  Meat was fall off the bone tender. It's delicious. If there was anything I thought could have been improved, it was that the the flavour of the lamb was subdued due to the glaze.  

Masses X Heavens Appam brunch, appam prosciutto mushroom ragout

To the appam. This one had prosciutto and on the side, mushroom ragout with egg. There was no instructions on how to eat them so we had it however we thought was appropriate. 

There were a couple of sauces/chutney. One red that tasted like chilli with passionfruit and a burgundy that tasted like it was chilli with some burnt onion thing. I'm just guessing at this point. Both were delicious in their own ways but were overwhelming everything else on the plate.

Masses X Heavens Appam brunch, appam prosciutto

The prosciutto alone with the appam was already delicious.

Masses X Heavens Appam brunch, triple cheese appam

What we thought the better was their triple cheese appam - which looked to me like an upgraded take on Heavens princess appam. Nice mix of cheese (Mimolette, Parmesan and Halloumi) with egg in the middle of the appam.

Masses X Heavens Appam brunch, Beach Road

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