Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Suju : The zuwaigani croquette teishoku and the oyster miso oil zuke

Suju Japanese Restaurant, Mandarin Gallery

This was our first time at Suju after the lockdown was lifted. Can't say we weren't looking forward to it. After all these time with them, one of the take away is never to judge their food by appearances. They usually taste much better than they look and if they already look good, one should be prepared for a treat.

Suju Japanese Restaurant, oyster miso oil zuke

Their oyster miso oil zuke was one of those starters we've been wanting to try but never did until now. These were oysters marinated in miso and grapeseed oil. Texture was akin to rehydrated dried oysters if you get what I mean - with miso flavour. Umai!

Suju Japanese Restaurant, zuwaigani croquette
Suju Japanese Restaurant, gohan set

Today's special was zuwaigani (snow crab) croquette teishoku. Those croquettes looked unassuming. They were well fried without excessive grease, very tender and was a flavour bomb on the inside. If I had to one phrase them - these were the fried versions of crab chowder. 

Suju Japanese Restaurant, nama tamago gohan

Nama tamago for the rice. Itadakimasu!

Suju Japanese Restaurant, Mandarin Gallery

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